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don't know a little soon to be nice to be a good. place to discover the world. 11. subscribe to documentary on you tube. length. i. feel. i the tigris river provides the residents of mosul with a welcome relief from the oppressive summer heat. perhaps for a few moments these youngsters can forget the war that robbed them of their
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childhood. the black flags of the islamic state no longer fly over iraq's 2nd largest city. the all noori mosque blown up by us and 2017 is now being reconstructed. in 2014 yes leader abu bakar all baghdadi came to the mosque to announce the creation of the islamic state caliphate. the effort by the iraqi army and its allies to drive out of the city caused heavy damage and killed or wounded thousands of civilians now 2 years later many local residents still have not recovered from the effects of the war they've suffered too much and their grief cannot be measured.
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more than 35000 people live at this camp for displaced persons in the town of hamam . about 20 kilometers south of mosul. most of the residents are alleged to have ties to iowa spiders. there are a number of orphans and widows here. one of those widows lives in this tent with her 5 children her name is rose. her husband was killed in an air raid on a mosque in mosul he was the militias in our prayer leader there will says he did not belong to i.a.s. . as a rocky troops clashed with islamic state fighters in 2017 she and her children fled . they've lived in this tent ever since. i was told that the authorities say that my husband was a member of i asked why and that's why they refused to give us identity documents
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they say they were and i asked family what i thought i was watching. it on my own and because we don't have those documents we can't leave the camera doesn't have we can't go anywhere in the am one of the way that it was for her. role and her family spend much of the day watching t.v. . she herself was not a member of aa yes but the wives and children of islamic state fighters are paying a heavy price for crimes committed by their husbands and fathers. omar is 8 years old and he's now the breadwinner in his family he's just come home from his job in town he walked for 2 kilometers so he's hot tired fuck you did he pay you know why not he just didn't. have them are you tired of it did they give you anything to eat yet have you eaten
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at all let me know. just omar talk to grow sure and to giving him a bag of tomatoes it's not much but it's better than nothing he earns the equivalent of less than a euro a day as a workman's assistant. we used to live well. back then we came here and i started working. money is all i have. let me add i want sometimes i think we deserve this but then again my children are not at fault in. chile is that they and other family members haven't committed any crimes. i'm afraid of the iraqi troops i don't have any documents and the authorities say that my husband was in i.a.s.
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. well imagine i'm all i want is my identity papers. without those documents the children can't go to school. the camp is run by international n.g.o.s but iraqi law applies here. robert gottliebsen in april the ministry of education announced that schools will no longer accept children who don't have my d.p. asli but have to apply at the ministry to get them. if they don't there must be registered and their school year one count. the new regulations apply to i.a.s. families in particular. the minister says we can admit those children.
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if they don't have the documents i can't help them. these families also need papers to qualify for food aid from the iraqi government. today an international organization is handing out surplus flour to large families . but the flour could spoil in the extreme heat. families that don't have id documents have to rely exclusively on international food aid amount. that he'll buy at the moment that we only get flour and rice there's no more salt sugar or oil or even whole grains at the british are grateful for what they give us but we need those identification papers most of them we can't go on like this and
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when i go to see the security authorities they hold up my file and say your husband wasn't i honest we're not going to help you because they're your climbing and i'm not that much out of the show us it was good. raul is fairly comfortable here her sister's tent has some benches and other furniture. the children seem to be getting along well. but omar can't forget that he's the only member of the family who's earning money. did they pay you what the boss said not till this afternoon. but he said this morning. i don't know he said afternoon. well that's an. official what are you going to work tomorrow. on i don't know oh now
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your boss is a dog he said he pays in the morning in the same as yesterday. well they hand out more food. probably some flour do you have any left a little it's probably spoiled they said they'd be flowers. right now nearly 900000 children are living in displaced persons camps around iraq an estimated 45000 of them have no identification documents countless other children live in miserable conditions outside the camps. iraqis refer to the id papers as the gold square they're an indispensable part of everyday life. people need these documents to travel or apply for a job or for food aid. to get these documents people have to go to their local
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police station the process includes an interview with a representative of the security forces. that can be intimidating for a single woman or the widow of an islamic state fighter. so this is. still poses a threat if those fighters are still alive their women will try to help them. we do sometimes insurgents will get new papers and try to sneak back into society. still change their appearance to shave off their beard or grow a new one. i think these i.a.'s families are really dangerous they hate the security forces and then a rock all they care about is causing destruction and bloodshed even. though this. islamic state once controlled large parts of iraq and syria
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it has now lost almost all of that territory but several 1000 i as fighters remain in iraq and they're still dangerous. insurgents have launched attacks on villages near hamam. and they've placed improvised explosive devices or i e d's along the roads there's some sort of incident every week. they burn down much of the vegetation along this part of the tigris river. this open land is a perfect place for insurgents to hide and launch their attacks. but terrorist activity is a rare in mosul it's that small compensation for children like omar who work on the streets for very little money. the children often do jobs that no one else wants.
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that this 14 year old boy and his cousin are empty in garbage bins. they're paid by local merchants and private citizens. these children are in the equivalent of less than 3 euro's a day. off i have to make some money. so i say so i can buy food for. my family. i. love our. soldiers it just breaks my heart to see these kids living like this they don't go to school and they have no future none at all. they have to work to provide food for themselves and for their family there's no shame in working but they do this because they have to go most.
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of the dishes so little mother let's see if you don't pay the kids to empty the bins they'll just fill up at least they're making some money the city certainly won't pay them well of an idea what i. this is the nabi yunis shopping street in central mosul. it survived the war largely unscathed. children also work here for pennies a day. they are the countless tireless little workers in post-war mosul. you know you think most of the kids here orphans their fathers mothers or brothers are dead or they lost their home during the war they don't earn a lot for this kind of work just enough to survive. a little parents are still alive but their house was destroyed in the fighting and they're rebuilding it bit by bit and aboud helps to pay for that. at their own
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little ceremony bits of it. but many other children in mosul have lost their entire families. the municipal orphanage has now reopened its doors and takes care of about 50 children but that's just a fraction of the total number. that i. like for orphans is difficult anywhere but particularly in muslim countries orphanages are rare and although muslims are encouraged to care for these children adoption in the western sense is controversial. they may be the children of i.a.s. spiders or iraqi soldiers they may simply be poor hungry or homeless it's some more sex slaves for the terrorists. but their lives were changed forever by
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a conflict over which they had no control. and i had to add to him when i don't distinguish between i asked children and others who don't even use the words i guess that they are children period they're not to blame. but i. the liberation of mosul was a welcome victory for the iraqi army and its allies. but that victory was achieved at a terrible cost to the local residents. the 8 the parents of the children who lived in this house were killed in the war they're being raised by an aunt the youngest child can't even remember her mother and father. the boys all want to become military officers the oldest of them is 17 and he can enlist soon. but yeah this is what i went back to school so that i could join the army i want to
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keep my ass from coming back. the savages and then taking everything from us they killed my parents. when i think about islamic state i get so angry that i want to join the army and fight them. in the city that's what. for some people here the grief will never end many have tried to expunge the islamic state from their collective memory. some have whitewashed a black flags that i as painted on the walls. deitch the name for i as used almost universally by arabic speakers has been painted on buildings such as this one. although it actually houses the office of a local elected government official called a mokhtari. his primary job is to help people work their way through the
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bureaucracy but it was. my muscle i need i.d.'s for the family and both witnesses and then you can have your disability card oh my oh great i'll be back in 10 minutes. i don't want the owners of this house r.i.'s yet you would like the graffiti. so you know it's an i as house as i said doesn't that bother you. that absolutely not i asked road christian or infidel on the homes of civilians and government workers only that they started all this a while and now we're doing the same to them why didn't it that that was so you behave like they did no no no. but it's a case of an eye for an eye and 2 through tooth it's payback time i see your id card. was a bit of a. fish into. the muck tar keeps
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a close watch on all the official paperwork including applications for the all important gold squared document that. he's especially vigilant when it comes to suspected i-s. families. but it's just that as they come in here and try to get new papers but i know them and they won't get any. bad idea that these people have to leave iraq even though they're iraqi citizens. they've shed too much blood they've killed too many people do you know do you want someone like that living next door to you. yeah you want them living in your town police it's just not acceptable and the half of the pitch if. you are sure much little cottage those daughters go with this islamic state kill children and old people officers and soldiers and we should let these people back into the community but
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their kids are just like them i ask killed our children but now. you have to pay a price for hurting people and i think i asked fighters should have thought about that before hand that they should have thought about their children their wives their brothers their family their tribe the folk you know look at a guy but they knew this would be a dead body but if you can join i asked commit awful crimes and then expect us to take care of your kids. absolutely not be a thought oh no of course not so this mokhtari is committed to keeping suspected i as family members out of his neighborhood. but some people are reportedly taking the law into their own hands. there are rumors going around that some who've been linked to islamic state have been killed by local residents. who i don't feel old need to do some family members fear for their safety to the point where they have
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gone into hiding. we've come to a suburb of mosul to meet some of them we wanted to find out whether they still support an organization that is now condemned by so many local residents. here opinion of i guess. i'm sorry tim touched i thought it was fine to tell you the truth. i could practice my religion as i wished with no restrictions. so i enjoyed my life under islamic state. sure things were better back then nowadays everyone gives us a hard time to do it without us with felt secure everything was fine to hold a month. the system up no we don't feel safe anymore if i want to go out in public
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on my i have to sneak out of the house now that does it a little. hard to that love and trust. this woman's husband is said to have been an i as fighter she says he's dead but he supposedly survived the battle of mosul. she claims to know nothing about is a work as she calls it. and has a good know it you know where sometimes he said he was a soldier other times he said he was a commander i don't know for sure but i had to the how to he never told me about his work he didn't trust anyone. that the watch and of course his work frightens me but i don't know anything about it so it's and i'm scared because he did that work for a long time. and that's why the authorities are looking for him. i'm afraid that they'll arrest me because of him. and there are new and they have what they want to
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. be so bring back i s. . a lot. of silver considering my situation i'd like to see that. she has a 10 year old son one of the islamic state child soldiers the lion cubs of the caliphate. they were trained in special camps but i asked also use them as human shields. we've agreed not to show his face but he suffers from a nervous tic and vision problems. i've been exercising to make myself stronger. i do push ups and target practice by throwing rocks at bottles but. the boy works at a construction site in mosul to earn money to help his family. so far he's managed
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to escape the security patrols that are constantly on the lookout for islamic state sleeper cells. reports say an estimated 20000 people who have alleged ties to i answer being held in iraqi prisons among them are several 100 former child soldiers. what will become of these prisoners. the authorities seem to have forgotten that islamic states origins can be traced back to a u.s. detention facility that was set up in 2003 during the iraq war. the prisoners could decide to join forces just as they did back then. baghdad based authorities have now come to mosul to make sure that all residents are properly registered. the norwegian refugee aid organization that manages this camp also offers legal advice to widows. this
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mother needs documents for her 2 year old son who was born after the battle of mosul. shut was he born in a hospital or attends to the system that can attend. services. how many in the family. 7 of them here youngest yes. it would be do you work or stay at home i stayed home with that homestead yes and your husband he's dead. did he stay with you. when they arrived he waited a year and then joined them as he wanted to say it was or was he wanted i don't know but i applied for. security clearance from the authorities. official if you get it do you have the documents yes yes here they are. but show me. that security clearance is called it's
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a brief it proves that a spouse is no longer legally wed to an i.a.s. member it gives people who are suspected of having ties to i.a.s. the opportunity to start life with a clean slate. the type bria is mandatory even if as in this case the family member never actually belong to islamic state. i would out here i told my husband don't join them think of our children he said god will protect you. this morning more than 600 residents of the hamam camp are to be sent back to their home regions. and the norwegian aid organization can't do anything to stop it. all the representatives can do is keep an eye on the situation because the iraqi government has the final say. critics consider such actions forced repatriations
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which are illegal under international human rights law. i want you to listen to this let's go out and you go as i was on that up i'll take your daughter to the top of the roof i think i go civil complacence announce certain future disabled and sick people as being herded onto the bus that it's unacceptable. to just accept them i. don't know where we're going i think there does not appear to another camp. and what camp no one's told us anything. so i'm sure we're not just going to dump
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you someplace. they didn't say we're going to another camp they just said you're leaving. this is official government policy. but you can ask the authorities to take you to another camp 2 that somehow but i cannot effectively and i know you don't want to leave this camp were safe here there are no iraqi troops here and no one's harassing us they treat us well here that's why we want to stay safe we return to our home region there might be trouble you know i i'm not touching anything i thought it was. some families have already received death threats on social media because of the. are alleged ties to why yes. in the district of. about 100 kilometers southwest of here some victims of islamic state terrorist attacks are said to be plotting revenge against the return. that could
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have deadly consequences for some of these people most of whom are women and children. these are the 1st major forced repatriations from this camp and the authorities say there will be more. the gradual closing of the camps is yet another indication that the government is serious about restoring law and order in iraq. but for these families it's a potentially dangerous journey into the unknown. because of the deportation operation the rest of the residents have to stay in their tents that means that omar won't be able to go to work today. his mother is nervous right now everyone knows what's going on outside.
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if i think of course i'm scared yesterday i heard that they were going to shut down the camp i couldn't sleep all night what am i supposed to do i still don't have any idea papers that that's my big problem right now and not revenge attacks. so. i know what i want to stay here. so now that mosul has been liberated the iraqi authorities are working to restore order but regardless of where these families end up they are marked for life by their. real or alleged with a ruthless terrorist organization. and we have not heard the last of his law mixtape.
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of listening. in 75 minutes on d. w. . me there i'm david and business climate change sex. happiness increase books. this is the book for your. smarter for free get over your books or you to. this is news and these are our top stories. in foss the best occasion has come from that china campus housing minority leader muslims i'm not x. jane is not engaging in fighting extremism as the government claims a document obtained by d.w. shows the comes of being used to imprison people simply because.


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